Making Quick Progress In Clash Of Clans

Building a powerful village in Clash of Clans!

Clash of Clans game application was published two years ago. You can play it on your iOS or Android device, but also on your laptop or desktop computer. It is very popular app, and it is played every day by the people different ages and interests. It really is kind of universal, but also special at the same moment. If you want to make your brain work even more, this is the right game for you.
Multiplayer, strategic game whose phenomenal graphics will leave you breathless.
At the beginning it is very simple, you just have to be creative and build your own village, where your workers are going to dig some mines for you. In your village mines, houses, troops and guns for defense, gold storage, builder’s hut and protective fences are must have if you are really planning to achieve something.

clash of clans

Citizens and troops who work for you, and listen all your demands are, of course, also a part of your village.
On the left side of your screen there is an option that can provide you chat with other people who are also connected to the game at the moment, and who are also playing it. You can share tips with them, and they might also help you. If you are a person of strategy – this is a perfect little hobby for you. Free, and without obligations – when you want it, and as long as you want you are able to play Clash of Clans. It isn’t so strange anymore that this game is so popular, right?
Your main task is to attack other players and their properties, destroy them, and take as much spoil as you can. If you are successful enough it is going to get you some serious progress. Also, a progress that promises is going to happen if you organize or access a clan. Clan is made by group of people who decide to fight together against other clans. They help each other and trade soldiers.

Clash of Clans for iPad

You need to collect gems and orderly pick up gold and elixirs from mines that are located on your property. That might be the most important thing for playing this game. Although, gems are not available as much as some players would like them to be, there is an option that provides you to buy more gems (that you can trade for gold or elixir) with real money over the internet.

Ville Games on Facebook

I have genuinely liked FarmVille game I played on Facebook. Why is this the only remaining –Ville game left on this network, I do not know, but it is probably very widespread among real life farmers and other wanna-be farmers.

Ville Games

Ville Games?! YES!!

FarmVille even has a sequel, FarmVille 2, and there are also other varieties of this game, namely FarmVille: Harvest Swap and FarmVille 2: Country Escape. FarmVille is a game in which you are given a territory and you are required to build a farm on it. So you make small fields on which you plant crops which of course take time to grow and mature enough to be harvested. Different types of crop require different time to mature. You can plant basically any crop and vegetable. You can also grow and harvest cattle and other farm animals, such as cows, horses, pigs, sheep, goats, ducks, chickens, etc. you can also have fruit trees on your farm. Some types of fruit included are apples, lemons, cherries, oranges, apricots, etc. If this is not enough you can also buy and place on your territory other farmland facilities and other objects one might find on a farm such as tractors, barns, windmills, fences, benches, hey stacks, etc.

Ville Gaming

All this can make your farm look more genuine and you can arrange everything to your preferences and have the best farm on Pirater un compte Facebook. You should befriend you friends and make them your neighbors. Then you can visit their farms and help them harvest plants and cattle gaining points for yourself too. Harvesting either on your own farm or on a neighbor’s farm brings you coins and experience. The more experience you gain the higher your level will become. The higher your level the more types of crops you can plant, the more buildings, the more cattle, the more fruit trees and the more of the other things you will be able to have on your territory. There are also quests which you should complete and also gain more objects, coins and experience. The quests are what makes this game interesting and dynamic. You should look forward to them the most.

Whole day Farming?

Most of us are city children. Many have never even seen a farm or a farm animal. This game provides some kind of a solution to this problem. One can get acquainted with this segment of human existence through this Facebook game. Get in touch with the countryside and the country more. It is very easy to this in this way. You do not need to move from the safety of your room.
Try playing FarmVille on Facebook. Many like it, why wouldn’t you?

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Top iOS and Android game – Clash of Clans!

Clash of Clans is strategy based online multiplayer game for ios and android platform. It’s one of most famous and most played mobile games of all time. This game is created by Supercell at middle of 2012. It has over 20 million players and it makes over $600 000 on daily basis. Best side of this popular game is thing that Clash of Clans is free to play, and everyone can play it. Although Clash of clans is free to play if you want to progress faster and be better than others you must buy gems and gold for crazy amount of money. That made angry most of players because poor people have no chance to be good in this call it free to play game.

Resources in CoC

If you wanted to play this game without investing any money you would never win clan wars the biggest part of this game. Gems are in game currency and you get them for reward by finishing missions and achievements. That is very slow and painful road to the free gems I’m telling you that from my personal experience. For progressing faster and winning in clan wars you will need a lot of gems and gold so its basically impossible to be good in this game without buying gems with real money.

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